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Boarding Your Dog

Dogs boarding with us are provided individual indoor/outdoor runs, with radiant heat floors, chosen for it’s consistent even comfort. Runs are cleaned twice daily and have stainless steel bowls for food and water.

We try to allow dogs free access to both in/out areas unless weather dictates otherwise. In addition, the opportunity for individual outdoor exercise is provided in a securely fenced yard.

You are welcome to bring bedding and toys from home to make your pets stay more comfortable. However, you may want to bring items that you do not need back (soiling/chewing). We are not responsible for loss or destruction of personal items.

Our “House” diet is a high quality dry food Some pets prefer to eat only their own food, if so please bring a supply for his/her stay. Feedings according to your instructions. Fresh water always available. Bedtime biscuits.

All boarders are checked for good health upon arrival. Should any passengers (fleas/ticks) be found the animal will be treated at the owners expense prior to entering the boarding area. Proof of shoots is required at check-in.

All dogs must be up to date on the following inoculations: Distemper, Rabies and Canine Cough. Please note that canine cough vaccines must be given at least two weeks prior to boarding.

Please bring your paper proof of shots so that we can enter you in our files or up date your client card.

Pet Grooming

Professional grooming is available for all breeds of dogs and cats. Bathing, clipping, hand scissoring/fluffing are offered in addition to medicated, flea and deskunking treatments. Call for pricing and appointment details. If you are boarding please make arrangements when you book your pets stay.

Lady grooming a dog

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